Welcome to Wachtberg!

Dear new residents,

In the name of all citizens I give you a hearty welcome to the municipality of Wachtberg.

You are facing a new beginning in a country that is strange to you, with a language you have to learn, and with a, maybe, quite different social life compared to that you were used to. A lot may be strange to you, but we people of Wachtberg will accompany you and give you support in socializing as well as possibly in Wachtberg.


“Strangers are friends you have not known yet”, W.B. Yeats, the Irish writer once said. That is not only applying to you as the newcomers but also to us who have been living here for long but being strangers to you as well. Let´s meet each other full of curiosity and open minded – and let´s become friends here in Wachtberg.

I am looking forward to that and wish all of us a happy future with meetings that enrich our “living among friends”.



Jörg Schmidt



Quelle: Flüchtlingshilfe München e.V.